Definition and Code of Conduct

Beyond Customer Expectation

(What it Means) We do not aim to satisfy customers needs, but rather to create value beyond their expectations.


(What It Means) We focus on the nature of our task and continue to challenge ourselves to accomplish higher goals.


(What It Means) We respect different opinions, communicate with others and observe general rules to build a bond of trust with our community.


(What It Means) We quickly respond to changes, cooperate with other fields without boundaries, and implement innovations to develop originality inimitable by anyone.




Lifetime Value Creator

Our Resolution for the Next 50 Years

To promote sustainable growth over the next 50 years, LOTTE has chosen to focus on qualitative growth and declared a new vision.

“Lifetime Value Creator” represents our resolution to make LOTTE a brand that provides our customers with the very best value throughout their lives.



We enrich people’s lives by providing superior products and services that our customers love and trust.

The Mission of LOTTE

The Mission of LOTTE is to establish a foundation and baseline for our business activities. It plays a vital role in strengthening the pride and unity of our employees and motivating them to work for a united cause.